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2021/22 2nd Winter Indoor Tournament Recap

By B. Peters, 02/17/22, 1:00PM EST


Hello Venom Family!

Saturday -

        Early morning Saturday started with the U12’s kicking off a long day of hockey for the Venom Teams. The U12 Blue team went up against the host Nook Black team and after getting a short corner 42 seconds into the tournament and a disallowed goal they earned their donuts at next practice! Unfortunately they dropped the game 0-3 but with lots of opportunities that aren't taken by the young Venom attack. The second game looked alot better with a great goal from Laney O’Brian put the Venom U12’s ahead but with an unfortunate goal from the other Nook team ended the second game in a 1-1 tie. Building on every single game the U12’s went head to head with Central PA FH and after a hard fought game the Venom youngsters got their first ever win! An excellent goal from Hannah Markowiz assisted by Addison Burns lifted them to a 1-0 victory from the central state rivals, giving goalkeeper Genevive Hanson a shutout! Going into the last game, it was held concurrently with the u14’s which depleted the bench. A hard fought battle against eventual tournament winners PA Revolution handed the U12’s their second loss of the day and a second place finish in the tournament! Fantastic showing in your last tournament of the season. An excellent finish from our first ever U12 season!

    U14 Blue had the tough SoMD Eliminators first on the docket. A rough awakening for the first game as they get 5 goals past the Venom defence. The one shining moment for the Venom offence was a great penalty corner play with Addison Burns getting the goal. After dropping the first game 1-5 the U14’s took that personally and came storming back with a shutout from goalkeeper Genevive Hanson. The U14 offence wanted more and Addision Burns got two of her own while getting the assist on Avery Kripke’s first of the day giving a well earned 3-0 shutout against PA Revolution. The third game handed the U14’s a reverse in fortune, getting no sustained offensive pressure and letting 3 in the Venom net with state rivals Vipers handed Venom a 0-3 loss. The last game of the U14’s day was another tough game against SB Robins while Burns got another Penalty Corner goal and Kripke netted one of her own but it wasn’t enough as the U14’s ended the final game 2-6 to earn T-3rd place in the tournament. A good tournament full of ups and downs ready for Nationals this weekend!

    U16 Black took to the court in the middle part of the Saturday at Spooky Nook. The team got matched up against Delaware Shore, a very strong club from the east coast. A very back and forth game led to many opportunities for both sides. The two venom goals both came from great passing from Ava Perischetti in the middle setting up both Addison Burns & Colette Walter. The Delaware team took their chances too by putting in two late goals ending the game in a tie to start the tournament. PAAC Mighty was up next for the U16’s but they were up for the challenge as a very tight game gave little chances on goal. The solo goal in the game got past the PAAC goalkeeper on a Penalty Corner inserted by Perischetti and put away by Chloe Kim giving Venom the narrow win and goalkeeper Kayla Joyce the shutout. The third game was against powerhouse Maryland club MD Rebels. The U16’s did their best with both their goals coming from Perischetti with Kiera Bolton getting an assist. The two goals were not enough as the Maryland team put 6 past the Venom defence. After getting rocked for 6 goals the U16 Black team got together to face the last game of the ‘22 Winter season against Hymax Bengals. The collective mindset was on full display as only one single goal got past the Venom defence but 6 were scored with authority as goals came flowing from Walter, Burns & Maggie Gentile got her first of the day, Perischetti was the star of the show getting a hat-trick giving Venom the 6-1 win to secure a team best 2nd place in the tournament! Congratulations on your hard work this season. You have improved so much, well done!

    The U19’s started their tournament play  in the evening stanza of Saturday. U19 Black was first up with a tough day ahead of them going up against some top clubs at Spooky Nook this weekend. First up was the DC club Metro HC. With a close game back and forth a couple of Penalty Corners that didn't evolve into any Venom goals, two slipped past the Venom defence over the 25 mins to hand them a narrow 0-2 loss. The next game was against another Maryland club, SoMD Eliminators. In a mirror of the first match with no chances being put away from the Venom offence and two slipping into the Venom net, they dropped the second game 0-2. Delaware Shore was the third match-up for U19 Black. Another closely matched game with neither team breaking the goalies, as our own Elizabeth Loing stood strong in net with the help from the Venom defence to get the shutout. The game ended in a 0-0 tie leading into the final game of the day against PAAC from home state PA. The eastern state rivals proved to be a little too strong for the U19’s as 4 goals against and none for ended the tournament in 4th place in the tough pool. Great work for the final tournament of the season. Some tough games but you elevated your play to be in with the top teams of the pool. Narrow misses today but on to the next season of progress!

    Pushing back against host’s Nook Lime was U19 Gold in their first game. A tough game to start the tournament as they get the loss after no goals for and 5 against. After the shock of the first game wore off, U19 Gold went to work by playing their own game and with great link up play against DE SHarks. Captain Madison Lennon scored first with an assist from Aly Solomon. One got past the venom defence but Anna Drum set up Eden Brush for the second Venom goal. Aly Solomon got another assist on the final venom goal of the game coming from Anna Drum to secure the 3-1 victory. Pennsylvania rivals PA Revolution were next up. A great link up play from Maddie Lennon to get Aly Solomon her third goal of the tournament wasn't enough as a breakdown in defence led to a 1-7 loss in the third game of the day. The final game of the season was another tough one against another PA rival PAAC Strong. Brush got on the assist column by setting up Mia Costello for her first of the tournament but unfortunately the only Venom goal as they dropped 1-4 into 5th place in the tournament. Some ups and down this season but some great hockey being played as a team!

    After a late schedule change from Sunday to Saturday U19 Blue found themselves in the same pool as U19 Gold on Saturday evening. First up was PAAC Strong. Venom defence was on full display as goalkeeper captain Gwen Hershberger stood strong with team defence in front of her getting a shutout. With lots of the offensive control of the game, goals started going in after a clever passing play from Delaney Lentz to Ava Hershberger put Venom on the front foot. The next Venom goal came from an excellent run from Lauren Kampi giving them a 2-0 lead. An onslaught of Penalty Corners for, finally they got one into the net coming from Keenan inserting to Sofia Boyle for her first of the tournament giving U19 Blue a 3-0 shutout win. Next up was the very tough hosts Nook Lime. A stalemate in the first half of the game kept the intensity ratcheting up until the dams broke in favour of Venom with Ava Hershberger getting a well-timed pass to Sofia Boyle to get the score line to 1-0.  More back and forth play and great defensive play from backs Dani Deer, Annabelle Rose & goalkeeper Gwen Hershberger kept the shutout intact as a breakout stretch pass up the entire court from Delaney Lents to a behind the back tip from Sofia Boyle in the circle slipping the ball past the Nook goalie giving Venom the narrow 2-0 win. After the elation of the past game they absolutely sent it against DE SHarks Shore by sending 10 past the goalkeeper giving them a 10-0 shutout victory with goals coming from passes from Fiona Kortyna, Kampi, Boyle & Ava Hershberger getting assists. Goalscorers were: Kampi (4), Dani Deer the Ultimate Dangling Defensive Goal Scorer Supreme III, Ava H (2), Keenan, Boyle. The PA rivals PA revolution were the final opponents of the tournament with a win giving U19 Blue the championship. A fast paced game went back and forth with Venom breaking the deadlock by getting the first goal with the assist going to Keenan on the PC insert to Ava H twice in the game and the third goal coming from Ava H to Kampi securing the win 3-1 and the tournament championship. Congratulations on your medals, good luck at Nationals in a few weeks.

    U19 White also got rescheduled to Saturday so they found themselves facing some tough competition which is perfect for Nationals preparation. The first game was SB Pelicans who was a close match up as the game went back and forth with some dynamic play breaking the Venom defence for an unfortunate 2 goals against handing U19 White a 0-2 loss. Rallying after the tough first loss they found Hymax Sabres on the other side of the court. Looking at the negative side of the Penalty Corner count the defence stood strong by only letting in 1 goal from great defensive plays from captain Mary Wymard & Ashlyn King. Taking the open court chances with two unassisted goals from Callie Rautenbach to open the Venom scoring. Mia Brinkley saw how much fun Callie was having and decided to get her own unassisted goal. Isabella Arnold also thought it would be fun to get an unassisted goal to bring the score to 4-1. Rautenbach got the lone assist in the game when she set up Arnold for her second straight goal to give the U19 White team a 5-1 victory. Maryland Rebels proved to be tougher competition as Lauren Ghil got the first from Julia DeFoggia and Brinkley tapped in a great pass from Rautenbach. Two goals were not enough as Rebels put in two of their own to end the game tied at 2-2. The last regular season game before Nationals was against state rivals PA Revolution. Another tense hard fought game ended in a 2-2 tie with goals coming off another brilliant unassisted run from Bella Arnold. Maddy Holmes got on the scoresheet by assisting Abby Hershberger to end the tournament in 3rd place. Congratulations on your performance and can't wait to hear how you did at Nationals.


Sunday - 

Only two teams made their way to Spooky Nook on Sunday. U16 White was first up in the afternoon against PA powerhouse Central Penn FH Lilac. The game started off a bit slow for the Venom team as they put in a couple of quick goals. They rallied and got to tournament speed and stopped the goals going in and fought back. Unlucky with some decisions kept them off the scoresheet but they had a fantastic second half keeping the scoreline 0-4. Baltimore club Ballyhoo was next. Another very strong club came to play and the U16 white team couldn't keep them out of the net dropping the second game 0-6. Maryland club Freedom HKY was up third for U16 White. Another tough game but with some success on offence getting two past hte stout MD defence. With goals getting assisted by Ava Kessler inserting on PC’s to Taylor first on the PC and then again in field play getting two in the game. Although they dominated the PC stats the open field play let down the Venom defence as the skilled Baltimore team put 7 into the Venom goal. Building on every game they found resolve to end the tournament season against Lewi U16 on a high. The game was tense and a close one but goalkeeper Erin Barlett rallied the defence of Eliana Jones, Liliana Rose & Taylor Murphy for a shutout. The U16 White offence got on the board from a great passing play up the right hand side from Anvi Chopra to get the only goal in the game giving U16 White the win. Congratulations on a fantastic season building step by step getting stronger each week. We look forward to your future!

    U16 Blue took to the court with high expectations coming off of their NITQ 1st place win last tournament. Baltimore rivals Ballyhoo were up first and they didn't waste any time by getting on the score sheet not once but 5 times. With goalkeeper Kayla Joyce keeping her first clean sheet of the tournament with defensive help from the Venom backs. Sofia Boyle started with an unassisted run to put one in. Then Ava Hershberger got in on the action twice with goals assisted by Ava Zimmer on a PC and the second was unassisted. Ava Williams put her first of the tournament in from a baseline run from Hershberger. Isabella Elm scored the 5th with a pass from Josie Schomburg. They didn't slow down with CentralPaFH Orchid up next the dominant form kept going with another 6-0 shutout victory with goal scorers Hershberger from Zimmer. Williams from Hershberger. Schomburg from Williams, Another Hershberger/Zimmer PC combo whilst Hershberger completed the hat-trick from a pass from Williams who assisted the 5th and 6th when she passed it off to Schomburg to get her second of the game to round out the scoring. U16 Blue kept on rolling as they encountered CT titan AGH. The game was closer but Joyce in goal practically stood on her head to stop all shots sent her way to get a third straight shutout. The Venom offence was held back but they still managed to get 4 goals past the CT defence. Elm got the first game with no official assist but a spirited emotional assist from Williams on the bench started the scoring. With goals in her heart Elm went down and got a second unassisted goal until one of the 7 PC’s went in from a Hershberger insert to Mia Brinkley up top. After giving one goal to a teammate Bella Elm decided to run the gauntlet again to get her third unassisted goal to complete the hat-trick to lift Venom 4-0. A true final awaited U16 Blue as Norlanco Stix were also undefeated going into the final game of the regular season. A much closer game for the true final, back and forth and some outstanding defensive plays from GK Joyce defender Zimmer standing strong on the left hand side which held the Norlanco offence out of the circle. A tight deadlock on goals was broken by Ava Williams when she snatched a loose ball to run up the right hand side and slot in the first goal of the game with about 10 mins remaining in the game. The game intensified as the medals were on the line and neither team had been down in the scoreline in the tournament. After the first goal went in, the Venom team settled into the rhythm and Norlanco panicked. Taking their time they waited until they got a rare Penalty Corner and with Boyle on the insert Mia Brinkley put another one in for the 2-0 victory for the U16 Blue team. Congratulations to Kayla Joyce with a very rare entire tournament shutout. Well done on your first ever back-to-back tournament wins. Good luck at Nationals!